HPR Displays is a family-run company that has been providing the Canadian market with high quality displays for more than 10 years. Based in Montreal, we proudly offer an extensive array of store fixtures and displays.

A Proud Family History

Our company was founded by our father and we continue his tradition of excellence. We are very fortunate to have a unified team of experts with years of experience. We follow your guidelines in order to offer you a customized and exceptional service.

We Want to Be the Best For Your Store

Our goal is to provide your store with a quick and easy way to sell your products. This reflects our company’s proud history and our desire to continue to uphold our excellent reputation for quality and customer service. From intial consulting through order fulfillment, we continually strive to provide the best products and client services accompanied by great value. We are in a relentless pursuit to maintain our stature as an industry leader.

For more information about HPR please contact our office.