HPR Displays

In today’s competitive retail market, your products need to be more than just displayed, they need to stand out. Let our high quality displays and store fixtures provide the advantage you need to increase your company’s sales. HPR Displays has been servicing all types of retail facilities in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and throughout Canada for over 10 years. Let us outfit your store with quality fixtures that are attractive and cost-effective.

We specialize in pegboard hooks of the retail space. We have 3 decades of experience in the industry and can help you choose the right hooks for your business. We also have an abundant amount of experience in all displays in general and can offer consulting services as a third party for all your merchandising needs.


At HPR Displays

At HPR Displays, we listen to your needs, understand your selling goals and exceed your expectations. Our staff members are friendly, knowledgeable, and use their experience to help you with your customized needs. Trying to choose the best possible store fixtures can be a complicated endeavor. Thankfully, working with our competent team, you’ll find it easy to get the most out of the process.